Rename your TV Series


Organize and rename episodes from your favorite TV series


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If you have hours and hours of TV series on your hard drive you'll know that organizing them can be an arduous and tedious task, especially when the files have different names and you have to find the titles for the episodes on your own.

With Rename your TV Series this will no longer be a problem, as it lets you rename all your files at once. All you have to do is look for the title of the series in its ample database and you'll then find the corresponding list of episodes.

Afterwards, you add the series’ files, either separately or in a folder, and the program sorts them by analyzing the file names, as the alphabetical order is not always effective if each file has a different nomenclature.

You then select the episodes from the left column that correspond to the added files so that you can rename them all by just clicking on the right button.

On preferences, you can choose the format you want the files to be saved in, or the database on which to search.

Plus, it lets you export the list of episodes to a text file in case you want to have a list of all your episodes. A whole new way to efficiently organize yourself and to then just simply enjoy your series.
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